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Custom Design

Custom Designed Street Lights and Clocks

You choose the specifications to make the clock you want. You get to decide such things as the dial’s numerals, the color and patina, and the chimes.
Unparalleled Service
When it comes to quality and service, we’re really an old fashioned company with an old fashioned attitude and approach. You expect our best, and we promise to deliver nothing short of that.
Affordable Quality
We utilize the finest quality commercial clock movements and components available--all of which are approved to meet the most stringent safety and performance standards. Our finish system offers unparalleled performance at any price.
The Point Loma  Rotary Club wanted  an "eye catcher” to promote  Rotary in San Diego. Through Rock Island Street Clock Co. we were able to surpass our expectations by installing a beautiful, lighted, four-sided, solar-powered street clock along the bay, at Liberty Station. After the Club obtained city permits, dug the hole, and poured a base, the street clock arrived on schedule. To our amazement, when we opened the crate and the sunlight first hit the solar panels, the clock began to operate! It even changes automatically to and from Daylight Savings Time through its own GPS. Thanks to Rock Island Street Clock Co. for making the acquisition and installation so seamless and rewarding.

Dick Thorn, PDG ’99-00 Point Loma Rotary Club
Dick Thorn, PDG ’99-00 Point Loma Rotary Club