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Custom Design

Custom Designed Street Lights and Clocks

You choose the specifications to make the clock you want. You get to decide such things as the dial’s numerals, the color and patina, and the chimes.
Unparalleled Service
When it comes to quality and service, we’re really an old fashioned company with an old fashioned attitude and approach. You expect our best, and we promise to deliver nothing short of that.
Affordable Quality
We utilize the finest quality commercial clock movements and components available--all of which are approved to meet the most stringent safety and performance standards. Our finish system offers unparalleled performance at any price.
We were elated to see our custom street clock erected. It was more impressive than we imagined, very high quality and the perfect monument to distinguish our Oakridge at Clements development and continue the legacy since 1882.

R. Wayne Craig, President Craig Realty Advisors Inc.
R. Wayne Craig, President Craig Realty Advisors Inc.